to Letters
TO: YSoA Students & Faculty
FROM: Ink & Vellum Board
DATE: 7/25/2020 11:37am EST
SUBJECT: Final Report on YSOA BLM Fundraiser

Dear students and faculty of the Yale School of Architecture,

Thank you all for your patience as Ink and Vellum board has worked the past few weeks to allocate our funds to our corporate matchers and the respective non-profit organizations.

First off, we write to report that the grand total collected from all students, faculty, and friends for the YSOA BLM Fundraiser was $13,700! This number includes funds from Venmo and funds that were donated directly to the organizations themselves. As funds that were directly donated from students/faculty/friends to the organizations themselves were not eligible for corporate matching, the grand “matching total” from the YSOA BLM Fundraiser was $13,000. Thank you to all that donated.

Next, we write to update you on the organizations that this $13,000 was donated to, and the total impact of our funds with our corporate matches. In adapting to unforeseen changes to our corporate match connections and weighing our monetary impact, Ink and Vellum board decided to add The CT Bail Fund as a recipient of our funds. You can read more about the amazing work they do to reduce direct harms from criminalization, incarceration, and deportation, while building power amongst our local New Haven community here.

Finally, here is a recap of how the $13,000 matching total was distributed and the grand total after matching:

YSOA BLM Funds Donated
Corporate Match Rate
Total Donated
CT Bail Fund
$4,650 x 6
$5,850 x 3
CT Core*
$1,500 x 2
Reclaim the Block
$1,000 x 2

*Funds still being distributed

The grand total from the YSOA BLM Fundraiser including corporate matches was $50,450. Thank you again to everyone that donated. Please reach out to if you have any questions or concerns regarding the above.

While we may celebrate these numbers for a moment, the fight for justice and equity within our school and our profession is far from over. We hope your personal investment in the movement has not dwindled since the beginning of this fundraiser more than one month ago. As a final note on this fundraiser, we want to bring attention to Yale NOMAS, Yale EiD, and other grad organizations for their work thus far and to encourage you all to follow their lead around the desperate need for educational reform at YSOA.

Ink and Vellum Board